Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sigh. I'm impressed to see the new effort ESRI is putting in trying to emphasize ArcGIS as a GIS that also can be used as a cartographic product. In the past, maps have seem to be an after thought. In the 1st edition of Getting to Know ArcGIS, one of the projects has the user create a series of beautiful, colorful, thematic maps...without a single legend. What good is that? So when I caught site of the recent MappingCenter Blog entry I was a little dismayed at what they are advertiseing with the photo they have up:

This is a terrible example that they are using. If I'm not mistaken, bodies of water are treated as a single elevation at the water surface (unless showing bathymetric contours), therefore showing contours cutting off at the edge of the water surface is totally inappropriate. These contours should go around the pond not through it!

On a side note. The Mapping center does have some useful information. I really like all the Historic Map symbols they created.

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