Thursday, August 7, 2008

MapInfo 9.5 MapCad

There have been a few comments on the MapInfo 9.5 semi-review I wrote in regards to MapCad. Sounds like I had an installation problem, but I let the trial version expire so I couldn't resolve it. But it sounds like people are using it without problems. I found this page which gives a better description of the MapCad tools. It seems hard to find independent reviews of the new version though. I suppose if you are happy with MapInfo then you will continue to be happy with 9.5, although you might have to break habits to use the new righ-click editing features. If you are unhappy with MapInfo for some of the reasons I am unhappy with it (named views, and workspaces), then MapInfo 9.5 will suffer from the same problems. I am impressed to see the MapCad direction, and have always disliked the GIS software editing environments. This bias comes from my AutoCAD origins. I have never worked in a better editing environment with better snapping tools. Commandline makes it so much easier and faster to call up a particular snapping tool or feature type (polyline, polygon).

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medasbabu said...

Mapinfo is not an good tool, if u have started off with AutoCAD, I notice this, when I say my AutoCAD friends, that v use Mapinfo.

Don't see Mapinfo as and CAD tool, its an gr8 GIS analysis tool, and if u have an add-on "Discover" its makes ur mapping life easier.