Thursday, November 6, 2008

Find values in one table that are missing in another table MapInfo

Took me a little while to find an example of this, so I thought I would add one to the "interweb" to help other people.

One part of MapInfo that is extremely powerful is the SQL functionality. It isn't comprehensive, but there are a number of things you can do with it. Where I'm currently living/working (The Northern Territory) has a number of communities that could have several different names for the same location. This comes from communities named by European settlers in the area, and Indigenous names. Basically, you can have a spreadsheet of data that you want to tie to a geographic location via the name of an organisation, but the spreadsheet names might not necessarily match the database names that have the latitude and longitude. So I want to find out which values in the spreadsheet are "missing" from the database. In other words, which values did not join.

Two Tables: sdss_geography and tutorial_sample_2
Two Columns: sdss_geography.Organisation_Name and tutorial_sample_2.School

The first step is to perform a Join on the two tables. Using Query --> SQL Select

Select Columns: *
From Tables: sdss_geography, Tutorial_Sample_2
Where: sdss_geography.Organisation_Name = Tutorial_Sample_2.School
Ordered By: School
into Table Named: InitialJoin

Next go to File --> Save Query and save the InitialJoin query as a table. Then close the query table and load the table.

Once the table is loaded, go back to Query --> SQL Select.

Select Columns: *
From Tables: Tutorial_Sample_2
Where: not School in (select School from InitialJoin)
Ordered By: School
into Table Named:MissingJoin

Click OK.

This produces a table of missing values. I take this table and make sure the name and spelling matches the central database.

Hopefully that helps someone else.

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